How to train an american bulldog

How to train an American bulldog
American bulldog puppy one week old | How to train an American bulldog

How to train an American bulldog

As a pet animal, the American Bulldogs are much loved and admired right around the world for their powerful athletic appearance with strong muscles, working abilities and for the unparalleled companionship they provide. An American Bulldog is sweet, intelligent, and charming but can be stubborn.

That is why it is very important to know the way how to train an American Bulldog to have a well-behaved bulldog. This training session takes much time, consistency, and patience. Training can be started the moment you bring your puppy home as early and proper training can help a puppy to be an obedient and mindful companion.

American Bulldog training can be fun and enjoyable if you just follow some steps and tricks. Learn how to best train an American Bulldog with some effective steps-

How to train an american bulldog
Basic obedience commands training | How to train an american bulldog

Basic obedience commands training

To know how to train an American Bulldog firstly you should educate yourself for being your puppy’s perfect master to teach him the basic obedience commands and this command training is very much important for your success to have a well-trained bulldog. As an American bulldog is a little bit stubborn, establishing yourself firmly as his leader is the most important fact for commanding your puppy in a right way.

Clear guidance in a positive non-violent manner should be given to your puppy. In this case, your puppy should be taught the basic verbal, gesture, and click commands like “Sit”, “Down”, “Heel”, “Come”, “Go”, “Leave it” etc. You should use “Yes” and “No” commands very firmly as these will help your pet to understand which is acceptable and right and which is unacceptable and wrong.

To teach command perfectly, train your dog in a short session otherwise it will be boring for him. During the session break, make fun and play with him, give him treat and reward for his response. In this way, your puppy will enjoy the training and you will be able to create a strong connection and bonding with your loving pet.

How to train an american bulldog
How to train an American bulldog

Name Training

A fixed name is very important to train your puppy effectively. Select a pretty name for your puppy in order to get proper response from him. You should call your pet repeatedly here and there by his name and as soon as he looks at you, say your marker word (or click!) and give command. Do not forget to give your puppy a treat immediately after his response to your call and this treat will reinforce his response.

How to train an american bulldog
Crate Training | How to train an american bulldog

Crate Training

You have to have proper knowledge about crate training to know how to train an American Bulldog as it is a good way to supervise and confine your puppy. It keeps the puppy confined to a specific space, reducing the chance of wandering your house randomly while you are away.

Give your puppy a comfortable crate to use as a safe “den” and train him to get accustomed to the new environment. You can feed your pet and make him sleep inside the crate so that your puppy can feel protected while eating and sleeping.

Moreover, you can also place some dog toys inside in it so that he can play even inside the crate. Train your bulldog to go inside the crate through using a verbal command such as “Go Crate” and reward the pet for entering the crate.

How to train an american bulldog
How to train an american bulldog

Potty Training

If you want to know properly how to train an American Bulldog, you have to surely know about potty training. As potty training is very much related to the cleanliness of your house and also the crate of your pet, you should be more careful and active while give your puppy potty training.

This training requires more patient and perseverance. At first, you have to select a specific potty place and take your puppy outside for plenty of potty breaks. Create a schedule or habit for potty. An American Bulldog puppy can hold his bladder 1 hour for every month of life, so if you have a 3-month-old puppy, you should take him to potty every 2-3 hours.

You can use verbal command like “Hurry up”, “Potty” or click. Offer a small treat after he is done. If he has accident, simply clean them up; never punish your puppy for this unexpected job.

How to train an american bulldog
How to train an american bulldog

Socialization Training

Socialization training is part and parcel to know about how to train an American Bulldog. Through socialization training, your puppy will be able to interact and behave properly with your family members, other people and pets in his lifetime. Without being socialized, your puppy bulldog will grow up with full of behavioral problems.

Thus, expose your American puppy to positive experiences with new people and other pets from the time the pet joins your household. Sometimes, take him to your friend and family’s house and for a car rid. An American Bulldog have the habit of bite and chewing anything including hands, shoes, books, tools, etc. So, while you socialize your pet, teach him to use its mouth gently too.

Teach him that the only things available for biting are his own toys. Treat should be given your puppy for his every single successful social interaction.

How to train an american bulldog
How to train an american bulldog

Collar and Leash Training

Using Collar and leash for your puppy is another important tips for knowing how to train an American Bulldog. Train your puppy to get accustomed to collar and leash. As a young new comer, your puppy may ran off, that is why a collar with your address and information is particularly important for your puppy.

On the other hand, a leash will help you guide the puppy easily and keep him under your control. Your little pet might not like the collar at first, but it will be OK over time. It is better to teach the training before going outside for a walk with your puppy.

Once your puppy get accustomed with collar and leash and prepare to walk under your control, it would be enjoyable for both of you. You should give verbal appreciation and treat when he has done his training successfully.

An American Bulldog is moderately hard to train as they can be a bit stubborn and sometimes indifferent towards training. But if you can follow the above steps to know how to train an American Bulldog and keep your training session enjoyable, short, and treat based, it would be hopeful for you to have a proper and well-trained bulldog as your perfect companion.

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